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Military hazardous waste / Rüstungsaltlasten

There is much fighting in Syria and Iraq. For this reason we have prepared a short fact sheet on military hazardous waste to pass some information for people there. Unfortunately no is speaking or writing any Kurdish language and our Arabic is not appropriate enough to write it in this language. For this reason we have written it in English and have kept the vocabulary quite easy – as easy as it is possible on this topic.

Our fact sheet is mainly about giving basic information, exploring military hazardous waste, collecting data and so on. All chemical analysis have to been done by skilled scientists or laboratories. Medical analysis and treatment, if necessary, will require special trained doctors.

As main remedy we recommend to create waste dumps. No other waste (medical or industrial or household waste) should be stored there. These waste dumps have to be incarcerated (by concrete walls and floor). Surface and groundwater must not be put into danger of pollution.

We will provide in time a checklist for military hazardous waste exploration and assessment for use on the ground.

Military hazardous waste and contaminated brown fields (pdf)

Additional informations can be found at EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency of the US.

The software QGIS can be found here. It’s open source. There is also a Turkish version, but no Arabic or even Kurdish.


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